adhocifyexecutes scripts upon file system events (using inotify) 18 months
afkcronsimply reports the idle time of the X11 server to a shell script5 months
qsnilaunches and assigns programs to cgroup-specific iptables-rules14 months
usbfiltershellscript to control which USB devices can connect to your Linux machine5 years
traynotifyTray icon which logs the 'baloon messages' it shows. Uses Qt.8 months
qsRunSimple application launcher/runner.6 months
qssFTS desktop file search with previews using python,sqlite and c++ with qt5. 8 weeks
qswikiqswiki3 months
raouLightweight sudo-like program for Linux written in Rust4 months
randrssRSS for the paranoid18 months
rescueOSN900 rescueOS2 years
encryptedmaemohomeMaemo 5 N900 - Encrypted home resources2 years
Ubuntu Touch
encryptedubuntutouchhomeUbuntu Touch - LUKS encryption4 years