adhocifyexecutes scripts upon file system events (using inotify) 6 months
afkcronsimply reports the idle time of the X11 server to a shell script12 months
qsnilaunches and assigns programs to cgroup-specific iptables-rules2 months
usbfiltershellscript to control which USB devices can connect to your Linux machine5 years
traynotifyTray icon which logs the 'baloon messages' it shows. Uses Qt.16 months
qsrunSimple application launcher2 weeks
qssFTS desktop file search with previews using c++ with qt5 and sqlite. 2 weeks
qswikiqswiki2 weeks
raouLightweight sudo-like program for Linux written in Rust8 weeks
randrssAttempt towards tracker- and profiling-proof RSS7 weeks
rescueOSN900 rescueOS3 years
encryptedmaemohomeMaemo 5 N900 - Encrypted home resources3 years
Ubuntu Touch
encryptedubuntutouchhomeUbuntu Touch - LUKS encryption4 years